Continuity Management

Overcome any obstacle

Risk Management is a central part to any successful organisation’s strategic management and a key strand of business continuity. Simply put: by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. With an operational infrastructure that has become increasingly sophisticated and reliant on IT systems, cloud-based infrastructures and applications, businesses are more vulnerable to disruptions than ever before. DRT works hand in hand with your teams to draft defined, applicable, and actionable business continuity plans that ensure the long-term viability of their daily operations.

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What We Provide

The best of both worlds: when IT Continuity Management meets Business Continuity Management. Business continuity management is a process managed outside IT that identifies risks to the business and works to mitigate those risks. Some risks may be IT-related, including disaster-level incidents, and some risks may be outside IT control, such as natural disasters or facility incidents such as fires.

Business Impact Analysis

Identifying the potential business impact of an IT disaster.

Business Continuity Plan

Plans for prevention and recovery from disaster-level IT incidents.

Continuity in Crisis

The Value of Personalised Planning

Because we all know that the antiquated one-size-fits-all approach ultimately doesn’t work, DRTechnologies will facilitate Preventative Planning workshops with your teams in order to assess the existing vulnerabilities. This personalised approach ensures that each of the strategies that we come up with meet your unique needs, which helps to assure you of positive outcomes if – and when – the worst occurs.


Prioritising the protection of your most important business functions to minimise operational downtime.


Efficient strategies designed to be easily understood and executed by team members at every organisational level.

Your Source of Operational Stability

Strategic Decision-Making

DRTechnologies delivers everything you need to achieve business continuity. From ensuring compliance, reliable backups, and retaining control of your data, to monitoring and reacting to security incident threats. Our solutions are established via five-stage process:


Assess and determine existing risk expectations


Analyse threats and establish business impact


Identify appropriate mitigation actions.


Test, measure and report methodologies.


Conduct on-going evaluations on your business continuity and recovery plans

The sum of these parts establishes a robust, fit-for-purpose strategic business continuity solution designed to empower you and your teams to make appropriate and timely decisions to ensure your operational stability.