DR Technologies

Pioneers Of The Digital Age

From our advantageous position in the Caribbean, DR Technologies believes that every business could use a helping hand from time to time. That’s why we strive to streamline the operational processes of each of our clients through our comprehensive knowledge of a number of different technical areas critical to their success.

Passionate Allies

Leading Businesses Forward

We know better than anyone that the right skills are not enough when they’re not delivered by the right people. That’s why we have spent years putting together a diligent, meticulous team of experts at the top of their respective fields for each of the services that we offer..

Thanks to this approach, any business can lean on industry veterans that deliver all-inclusive support, which guarantees a variety of beneficial outcomes:

  • A future-proof technological infrastructure
  • Accelerated employee workflows
  • Robust operations and improved resiliency


Our Areas Of Expertise

Software Development

Our team of world-class developers deliver innovative, custom software solutions directly into the hands of our clients.

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Software Distribution

We provide businesses with powerful third-party applications designed to improve the operational efficiency of their employees.

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Continuity Management

We improve the resiliency of businesses by evaluating potential threats and suggesting measures that reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

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IT Consulting

Our knowledgeable consultants use their experience to evaluate the technological foundation of our clients and suggest improvements.

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DR Technologies provides both powerful dedicated servers and convenient virtual private servers that offer reliable storage solutions to businesses.

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